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Where to find a sneasel in soul silver

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I woul like to know a shiny pokemon code please, but not for the us.i need either canada, or north america.also, for anyone who has the "no outside random encounters" and "press B A for pokemon encounter" codes, activate both of those and this code

Ilex Forest - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Wiki Guide - IGN
As you walk through the small building en route to Route 34 to the north, which branches off from Ilex Forest, be sure to talk with the woman behind the counter on your right (she's next to her Butterfree). When you step on those piles of branches, the noise will draw the attention of the nearby Farfetch'd, forcing him to face the direction from which the noise came

Pokemon Soul Silver Hints, Nintendo DS
Make sure the distance between the infrared transceivers is about 2"(5cm) and there is nothing blocking or interfering with the communication, and make sure that the infrared transceivers are clean. After a LOT of jumping and teleporting you will find Ho-Oh and battle it.Raikou and Entei: After going to the Burned Tower Raikou and Entei will start roaming Johto.Suicune: After visiting the Burned Tower you will find Suicune at random places around Johto AND Kanto, so it is not possible to battle Suicune before defeating the Elite Four

Mt. Silver - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Wiki Guide - IGN
Mortar Mahogany Town Route 43 Lake of Rage Team Rocket Headquarters Mahogany Town GYM The Rising Badge Goldenrod City Radio Tower Goldenrod City Underground Route 44 Ice Path Blackthorn City Blackthorn City GYM Dragon's Den The Search for Legends Routes 45 and 46 Dark Cave New Bark Town Ecruteak City Dance Hall Whirl Islands Bell Tower To the Pokemon League Routes 27 and 26 Kanto Walkthrough To the Pokemon League Routes 27 and 26 Victory Road The Pokemon League The Indigo Plateau S.S
If you call them up at specific times each week, they will go to the Saffron CityFighting Dojo and remain there until you battle them Click here for further details on the Gym Leader Rematches Lapras - Union Cave Day: Friday Every Friday, you will be able to find Lapras hidden within the Union Cave's Basement. The top prize is a Master Ball Seals - Olivine City After you have received the Seal Case for healing the Miltank in the MooMoo Farm on Route 38, you can go to a house in Olivine where this girl will give you three different Seals every day Buena's Password - Goldenrod City After you have received the Blue Card from Buena's Assistant, at several points through the day (2am, 5am, 8am, 11pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm), Buena's Password radio show will give out a question

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