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Best places to see aurora borealis in norway

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Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights - Frequently Asked Questions
When a gust of solar wind buffets the earth's magnetic shield and some of that energy comes streaming down our magnetic poles this is the science that creates the magic of the northern lights and is known as a "geomagnetic storm." We have magnetometers and other types of instruments that record this incoming energy in real time and give us an instant heads-up that something could be happening in the skies overhead. Is aurora borealis viewing best with a moon or no moon? I personally like moonlight because it lights up the foreground and makes the sky a deep blue instead of pitch black like with no moon
However, remember that during summer, Norway has sunshine for almost 24 hours, so the best time to witness the aurora is during the colder winter months, when the sky provides a dark slate on which the lights dance. Sure, a dinner at Jules Verne midway through the Eiffel Tower is lovely, as is cruising down Venetian waterways in a gondola or sunbathing in the tax-free haven of Monaco

When is the best time to see Northern Lights and where?
You can see where the oval is by going to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Web page with a near real-time map locating the northern auroral oval. There is a similar aurora australis, or southern lights, in the Southern Hemisphere, but fewer people see them because the southern auroral oval is over Antarctica

How To See The Aurora Borealis Northern Lights From Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Best Viewing Locations: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali Plan Your Trip: Fodor's Alaska Travel Guide Photo: Flickr: AlaskaCpl Differences in altitudes and gases create a variety of colors, but green is still the most common aurora Why Go: North of Scotland between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, the Faroe Island archipelago is mostly known for puffins and Viking folklore. "My first thrill was seeing my first Northern Lights photo come back after it was developed, because you have no idea how it's going to turn out," she remembered
Northern Lights in Lapland The countries where the area called Lapland is situated (Norway, Finland and Sweden) offer the top northern lights destinations in the world. A trip to Stockholm, Oslo or Helsinki is unlikely to be successful for northern lights hunters not only because of light pollution, but also because these cities are all too far south

Visit Norway - Official Travel Guide to Norway -
Cycling in Norway Cycle on a remote island in the midnight sun, try a path beneath a mountain plunging into a fjord, or get your adrenaline pumping going downhill. Join us on Google+ Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Watch our videos View images Hiking in Norway There is a network of well maintained, marked trails and cabins all over Norway

The Five Best Places To See The Southern Lights - Aurora Australis
If you want to give yourself the best possible chance then this is for you.Southern Lights From Stewart Island See all 4 photos Home Comforts - Stewart Island, New ZealandIf you want something a little easier to manage then Stewart Island may well be for you. We will tell you when is best to view the Aurora Australis, how to go about finding them and most important the best locations for viewing the Southern Lights
With the northern half of the country stretching into the Arctic Circle and more viewing locations than anywhere in Scandinavia, Norway has some of the brightest and most frequent sightings in the world. Fairbanks, Denali and the Yukon Territory are all popular locations for watching the lights (the Fairbanks Visitors Bureau claims an 80 percent chance of seeing them if you stay there for three nights), or else, hire a knowledgeable guide and head north

3 Best Places to See the Northern Lights in the US : Trending News : TravelersToday
The footage of the showing the horse thief beaten by police has been recorded by an NBC Los Angeles helicopter Thursday, and it lasts for about two minutes. Solar flares are released from the sun, and the particles from that flare (called a "coronal mass ejection") interact with gases in Earth's atmosphere to create the vivid greens, yellows, reds, and purples associated with the phenomenon
Guests choose from a simple snow or ice room, a suite with intricate carvings, or the Northern Lights suite, complete with a light installation mimicking the natural wonder. The nine-day celebration features more than 40 jazz, classical, dance, and electronic performances, with some events taking place outside, potentially under the aurora borealis

See the northern lights in beautiful Northern Norway - Official Travel Guide to Norway -
How to snap the northern lights Northern lights offers Book a dog sledding or snow mobile tour, a photography course or a cruise to make the most of your northern lights experience in Northern Norway. When and where to find the northern lights How to snap the northern lights Here are some good tips to help you take good photographs of the northern lights on your next trip to Norway

10 Best Places to View the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
Because of its relatively low population, the town lights are even insignificant to interfere with the majestic, multi-colored shimmer of the night sky. 1) Hammerfest, Norway Photo Credit: For the best chances of witnessing such a mystical display of northern lights, head out to Hammerfest, Norway
Similarly to Finland, you can pick up the cheapest flights to Stockholm, which is down in the south-east of the country, so it would be a case of driving or getting the train up north. Closer to Norway and the Faroe Islands than London, Shetland is half-way to the Arctic Circle, and can certainly feel pretty chilly, even when the wind is blowing from the south

Where can I watch the Northern Lights? The best places to see the Aurora Borealis on any budget - Mirror Online
And in Iceland, Canada and Norway you might have a chance of catching them Share Share Tweet +1 Pinterest Getty Images Time to plan your next holiday Many of us turned our eyes to the sky yesterday evening in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights

Best Place to see Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights - Review of Aurora Borealis Lodge, Fairbanks, AK - TripAdvisor
Its very addicting waiting for lights because you see how vivid and amazing they can be then you almost expect them to show up.We took day trips during the days while we were there and the drive was usually only 30 min, there is also a great brewery in fox at the turn off point that is worth checking out called Silver Gulch, it amazed me that people road snowmachines to the bar, how cool is that!?Mok and Logan were great letting us know what was going on at night, groups and such, asking us if we needed anything. Write a Review 117 reviews from our community Traveler rating Excellent 105 Very good 10 Average 1 Poor 1 Terrible 0 See reviews for Families 27 Couples 48 Solo 12 Business 0 Rating summary Location Sleep Quality Rooms Service Value Cleanliness Traveler tips help you choose the right room
When neck ache ensues try the marvellous Ice Museum which, with the help of a walk-in freezer, provides a year-round taster of the Ice Festival that takes place in mid-March and includes ice sculpting competitions open-sled dog racing down the streets. There is plenty going on when you are not northern lights viewing including are castle ruins to visit, the majestic Cuillin Mountains dominating the skyline, whisky distilleries and the hostel boasts fantastic views
Easyjet are set to start a service from London Luton to Reykjavik, but this only operates from late March to late October, outside the peak Aurora season. If you want to do more than gaze at the night sky, their tours include other activities like sled dog tours, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, or a trip on the Alaska Winter Snow Train through mountains from Anchorage to Fairbanks

10 Best Places To See The Northern Lights (PHOTOS)
Best Viewing Locations: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali Plan Your Trip: Fodor's Alaska Travel Guide Photo: Flickr: AlaskaCpl Differences in altitudes and gases create a variety of colors, but green is still the most common aurora Why Go: North of Scotland between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, the Faroe Island archipelago is mostly known for puffins and Viking folklore. Best Viewing Locations: Aberdeen, Isle of Skye, Northern Highlands, Dunnet Head Plan Your Trip: Fodor's Scotland Travel Guide Northern Lights and illuminated Teepee in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Why Go: Areas around pristine Lake Superior in Ontario and Northern Canada's tundra back-country are prime viewing spots

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