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How do you find lapras in pokemon heart gold

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Pokemon HeartGold Version Pokeathlon Guide for DS by Ayenamae - GameFAQs
(Well, I just lack a few of the individual envents medals, but whatever.) I happen to search around to see if there's a guide about it, but there's none, so I figured that I'd volunteer to make one. Speed Course: Hurdle Dash - Faster than 110.0 Pennant Capture - 32-35+ points Relay Run - At least 12-13 laps Power Course: Block Smash - Higher than 100 to be sure Circle Push - 40+ points Goal Roll - This depends on your performance

Ten Tips - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Wiki Guide - IGN
Take the time to explore your surroundings, see what Pokemon are in various areas for you to capture, and grab items for your inventory that are just sitting there in the field. RPGs are story-driven affairs and only by talking to each and every person and getting all of the information you can out of each area of the game can you truly enjoy the game as a storytelling experience

Mt. Mortar - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Wiki Guide - IGN
Walk down the stairs you encounter from here to grab a Revive, and then return to the ladder, climb back down it, and return to the location of Poke Maniac Harrison. However, you should cut that sapling down with Cut (so be sure to have a Pokemon who knows Cut in your party!) When you do, you'll again run into that mysterious legendary Pokemon, as well as the man who seems to be endlessly chasing him, always a step behind
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Just like in the original Gold, Silver, and Crystal, there are many day based activities like the Bug Catching Contest, Goldenrod to Saffron City train, Olivine to Vermilion City ship, etc. These remakes incorporate the many advancements that the series has undergone since Generation II, much like how FireRed and LeafGreen changed from Red and Blue
He will give you a Soft Sand the first time you see her and after meeting the rest of the siblings she'll give you a Snooze Ribbon.You can find Sunny(Sunday) on Route 37 south from Ecruteak City near some Apricorn trees down a ledge. Submitted by Ch12is DS How to get a shuckle Entry location: Cianwood City In the house right next to the Safari Zone road and before the Pokemon gym there will be a person saying that a red haired kid stole his Pokemon and that he only has one left
Verify this Report this Submitted by: Elite Eevee on March 01, 2005 Get ALL of Eevee's evolutions FLAREON JOLTEON VAPOREONFirst you have to get Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City then duplicate him Three times. Verify this Report this Submitted by: Adam Preston on November 25, 2006 how to get items for your room in pokemon gold without a pokemon mini when you play your game your MOM askes if you want to save money say yes and after earning some money she will call and say either i bought you an item with your money sorry or i found the cutest doll while shopping its in your room

Pokemon Heart Gold Hints, Nintendo DS
Pokemon and he will give you a red of blue orb depending on the game you have you can also get them from GB games go To the cave that has 2 ladders near yhe safri zone surf past the water fall and when you get near a semicicle of rocks look for a small gap us rock climb and enter the cave then standin there is a Pokemon if some how you get a green orb it is Rayqunza. A bunch of flowers will appear over top of it's icon and vwallah! Shaymin is now Sky Form! If you want to change it back to Land Form wait until nighttime√©mon)
When Wigglytuff explored the Brine Cave and found the strange marking on the wall there, Lapras asked Wigglytuff not to investigate it further to keep the Hidden Land a secret. Later, after the player defeats Dialga at Temporal Tower, Lapras will be waiting at the beach and can ferry the player and the partner back to the Hidden Land again

How do you get taillow in soul silver? - PokeBase Pokemon Answers
commented Jun 4, 2010 by Deoxys CHARIZARD SUCKS! CHARIZARD SUCKS! CHARIZAD SUCKS! CHARIZARD SUCKS! CHARIZARD SUCKS! CHARIZARD SUCKS! commented Jun 4, 2010 by Deoxys Please log in or register to add a comment. 100 commented Jun 4, 2010 by Deoxys edited Jun 4, 2010 by Deoxys In heart gold and soul silver you can't get taillow by hoenn sound but what you can do to get taillow proven by you-tube videos and sites is: You go to cherrygrovecity surf off to the left side where there is water then rockclimb up I and you-tube videos agree that it can be any tree up there if you hit the trees with headbutt kinda like Darth Destiny meant but actually it can be any tree

Where do you catch Suicune? - Pokemon HeartGold Version Answers for DS - GameFAQs
It will run off afterwards.* Finally, once Misty goes back to the gym, go indoors somewhere and go back out and Suicune should be there if you did all the above. However, men are quick to...Chrono TriggerWhen a newly developed teleportation device malfunctions at the Millennial Fair, young Crono must travel through time...Final Fantasy IIIA Tale Untold

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