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Insert into table from another table in sql server 2008

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Just to confirm it, I checked sys catalogs, also compared these entries with logs generated after the same operations on temp tables, and I am convinced they are the logs on table variables

Insert Into Oracle FROM Sql Server over Linked Server
Do you know if there a way to convert that datetime value into another datatype (varchar?) in the sql server select statement I use to populate my table? Then I would need to just go from varchar (for example) to the Oracle timestamp field. The SQL Server field could work like an Oracle timestamp if you populate the field with an INSTEAD OF trigger to make sure it is current.If you transfer data from Oracle to SQL Server and want to maintain the original values, you could use ALTER TABLE to disable the timestamp trigger and then reenable it after the transfer
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SQL Server: Select query from one database and insert into a table in another database
There are obviously many ways to accomplish that, including elaborate UPDATE queries with anywhere from one to numerous REPLACE functions (even within REPLACE functions). I have a simple query I am wanting to insert into a VBSCRIPT .VBS file to run a query against a DB and output the source to a CSV file locally on the computer then email the document to a specific email address with out outlook

sql server 2008 - T-SQL Insert into table without having to specify every column - Stack Overflow
You could be tempted to use INSERT INTO MyLargeTable SELECT * FROM OtherTable But that would not work, because your identity column would be included in the *. The easiest way is to right click the table in Management Studio, let it generate the INSERT and SELECT scripts, and edit them a little to let them work together
Select the desired output options of Script to file, Script to Clipboard or Script New Query Window.3 Clicking on Finish button will generate a review screen containing the required objects along with script generating data. i have a procedure for this which needs a table in your DB which stores information about the other server and the tables which we going to send over two servers

sql server - SQL: Insert all records from one table to another table without specific the columns - Stack Overflow
Right now you may have several problems, first the two structures don't match directly or second the table being inserted to has an identity column and so even though the insertable columns are a direct match, the table being inserted to has one more column than the other and by not specifying the database assumes you are going to try to insert to that column. Or suppose someone, for reasons that surpass understanding but frequently happen, decides to do a drop and recreate on a table and move the columns around to a different order
If data is huge, if there are any Non-Clustered indexes that are not build on primary key or unique key, then disable those indexes, loading will be much faster. How can I fix? I have SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 and am trying to automatically insert new records into a child table based on new inserts into its parent table

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